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Tech Lover | Product Creator | Parkinson’s

After 25 years of developing products & services in the mobile industry, working across the world for the likes of Samsung, Vodafone & Orange, i decided to quit the day job this year

...and learnt to juggle!

Inspired by the juggling exploits of the actor Alan Alda, best known for playing the cheeky doctor 'Hawkeye' in Mash and then later as presidential candidate 'Arnold Vinick' in the West Wing (hands down the best TV programme ever made), i was always a big fan of his from a young age. Aside from relating to that mischievous grin and his overall positive energy, it turns out we have something else in common...

we both have Parkinson's disease

Ok so i'm not going to make a career out of juggling but i did want to prove a point to myself. For those of us living with Parkinson's, it's easy to dwell on the things you can't do, rather than take inspiration from the things you can.

In this 3 part series i tell the story of my 10 year journey with Parkinson's 

Being more informed about my condition, tracking it's progress and taking an holistic approach to my health care has help me immensely... but it can be hard work 😩

So I decided to put both my product and lived experience of Parkinson's to good use and develop a simple, innovative and free app to help those of us living with this condition

I've also started a podcast with my good friend, ex Sky Sports presenter & fellow parkie Dave Clark. Listen to '2 parkies in a pod' on all major podcast platforms or visit

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